UPDATE: People Live In – Roadside Pines Motel v1.01

 UPDATE: People Live In – Roadside Pines Motel v1.01

You’ve just found a raider’s home. They clearly live here. In fact, they’ve been here long enough to fortify the place and set up a watch from the roof. So why does it feel like they just walked away halfway and abandoned the whole thing?


  • Upgraded several pieces of loot to use leveled items rather than being a pre-placed guaranteed item.
  • Fixed the missing collision on part of the roof pieces. (This fix has been forwarded to PRP for use in future versions.)
  • Fixed some paintings so that they show the weathering damage they’re set to show.
  • Fixed a gap where you could see the void.
  • Fixed some floating trash by restoring the missing object beneath it.
  • Fixed some z-fighting between wall pieces.
  • Fixed a misplaced concrete foundation.
  • Moved the pool table slightly to allow NPCs to walk between it and the fence gate.
  • Uncovered the partially buried safe in the office for easier access.
  • Updated all patches to work with the new version.

See the main post here, or get the mod here.

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