Need custom minecarts? Look no further!

What does it do?
It replaces the minecart destination menu with a nearly identical clone, which operates based on simple content data. You can use content patcher to add new minecarts, or edit the vanilla minecarts.

Notably, while the mod doesn’t require Content Patcher to run, it offers no features by itself beyond a reimplementation of the vanilla content with no real advantages.  Content Patcher and other mods will be required to make this do anything interesting.

How does it work?
It detects minecarts by checking the tile ids used. It then compares this to its list of defined minecarts, and if one exists, it treats it as that one, presenting the menu and excluding the currently selected cart from that list.

Download it now at nexusmods.com: https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/11424