Fallout 4

Colorful Bottle Lanterns

Remember those bottle lanterns from the Children of Atom in Far Harbor? I was always disappointed in their color. With this, you'll be able to use another fourteen color choices! Learn More

Stardew Valley


Makes minecarts a content type, accessible to Content Patcher, allowing for easy modification of existing minecarts, and the ability to add new ones. Can also create new, separate networks of minecarts, and handle large numbers Learn More

Fallout 4

Jamaica Plain Pathfinding Fix

Tired of your NPCs walking around the entire settlement? Trying to figure out why a simple staircase is such a conundrum? Are your plans for Jamaica Plain being modified just to keep your settlers inside Learn More

Fallout 4

Who’s The General

Preston has no sense of decorum. We all know this. You walk up to him and bam! New quest. You go to sleep in Sanctuary, wake up and there he is, looming over your bed Learn More